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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Join BeRUBY and get paid for what you do everyday.

Please join my network at BeRuby.com. BeRuby is a personalized web portal with links to the Internet's most popular sites. You can access all of your favorite sites from one spot. At BeRuby you can also earn cash from your activity at selected merchants. Get paid for visiting sites you visit every day like CNN, Twitter, Facebook, and ESPN plus many more. Get paid for registering with websites. Get paid for making purchases and get Coupons. Read the Daily BeRuby Blog.

By setting BeRuby to your default homepage, you can take advantage of having all of your favorite links in one place, and getting paid to visit them!

Please use my link to sign up http://us.beruby.com/promocode/uK2RHj

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