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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swagbucks and Facebook

Again I want to thank everyone who has joined Swagbucks by using my referral link. Please be sure and follow Swagbucks on Facebook. The number of Fans on Facebook is growing greatly.

"TSG" (The Swag Guy), the Swagbucks Moderator had promised us big rewards if we can reach 100,000 fans. Here is what he said "If we hit 100,000 by 11:59PM PDT Friday night, the following Monday, 10/12 we'll have a cuuuuhhh-razy day of Swag Codes. By "cuuuuuhhh-razy" I mean there will be multiple codes of varying times, locations and values going on throughout the day (approx. 12-6PM PDT), sometimes at the same time - some - at values you may have NEVER SEEN BEFORE!"

This is exciting so double check and make sure you Fan Swagbucks on Facebook! If you are a member on Facebook just do a Search for Swagbucks and join the group with the most fans....

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  1. Another good thing to do if you use Facebook that's quite a recent Swag Bucks addition is being able to connect your Swag Bucks and Facebook account together and notifications will show on your profile to people that you are winning Swagbucks and getting referrals and they will join under you because it's quite viral on Facebook for this.

    Hope it helps!