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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well I feel I need to post. I have joined a few new sites that look promising... will check them out and if they are worthwhile I will post them later.

Are you all winning Swagbucks? Don't give up... remember every search is not a winning search. It is random. I usually win within my first 5 -10 searches in the morning, and another good time is around 1am Eastern time. There are many ways to add up Swagbucks.

My winnings have earned me a Free Dell Mini, Netbook Bag, and Mouse all purchased with the Amazon.com Giftcards I chose from Swagbucks. 45 Swagbucks are worth 1 $5.oo Amazon.com Giftcard... I started Swagbucks in November 08 and cashed out in August 09.

Shop & Earn you can earn 1 SB for every $5.00 you spend with particiapting retailers.
Search with your iPhone.... sometimes you can win back to back with your iPhone and your computer.
Refer Friends and earn every time they earn from Searches up to 100SB.
Download the Swagbucks Toolbar and Swidget. ( there are links for these on the Swagbucks homepage.) Bonus SwagCodes are posted there from time to time.
Post a PrizePhoto of something you have received from Swagbucks or an Unboxing Video. You get Swagbucks for doing these.
Recycle your old MP3 players and Cellphones or trade in Old Video Games for Swagbuck credits.
Follow Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter... great places to occassionally find a Bonus Swagcode or clues to a Swagcode Hunt.... With Twitter you can participate in Trivia on Thursdays and try to win Swagbucks.

There are lots of resources available to help... Be sure and read all the Rules and Help links on Swagbucks homepage. Swagbucks Facebook wall is a great place to ask questions and see how other Swaggers win.
One account per household and never post an active Swagcode... both are grounds for termination. Have fun and earn free stuff!

Please use my Referral Link if you have not signed up for Swagbucks yet... and join me on Facebook (Rae Couch) put Swagbucks in your Friend Request.

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